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National Pork Board

Student develops potential solution to industry challenge

Matthew Rooda, a pre-med student from Iowa, has invented a device that can be worn by a farrowing sow to reduce crushing of newborn piglets. Dozens of pork producers have expressed an interest in the technology, which is expected to be launched soon. Read more »


Animals in the news

Sow study could help animal breeders

Boar semen is notoriously hard to store or transport. Boar semen does not freeze well, and this is a major problem for animal breeders. By studying semen storage inside the sow oviduct, researchers at the University of Illinois hope to learn about the molecules responsible for sperm survival. Read more »


Exercise during gestation could affect future fertility

By Madeline McCurry-Schmidt / ASAS Communications

Des Moines, IA – A short walk around the barn might improve the future fertility of Yorkshire pigs. According to research presented by Samantha Kaminski, a graduate student at North Dakota State University, swine fetuses showed significant ovarian development after their mothers exercised. Read more »


Photo of the week: 1930’s litter of pigs

By Lauren Williams/ ASAS Communications

Photo submitter, Harold Hafs, writes, “This sow with her litter typified farrowing and perinatal management of pigs on many US farms in the early 20th century. A sow and her litter often ranged freely around the barn yard. This sow is nursing her litter lying next to a stack of corn awaiting shredding. Farrowing crates that became commonly used beginning about 1960 improved piglet survival to weaning.” Read more »


Predicting milk yield in sows to meet nutrient requirements

Photo from National Hog Farmer

A study published in the July issue of the Journal of Animal Science aims to help pork producers determine nutrient requirements in sows during the lactation period. Researchers at the University of California, Davis compared data from multiple studies to see how factors like litter size and piglet weight gain affected milk production in sows.

Researchers were looking for a more accurate way to model milk yield. Current models only predict average milk yield, but milk yield changes throughout lactation. A sow’s nutrient requirements also change during lactation. Because of this relationship between lactation and nutrition, it is important to have reliable milk yield predictions. Read more »