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Courtesy of ARS

ARS study could lead to more effective Marek’s disease vaccines

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have identified changes that occur when a Marek’s disease virus (MDV) is weakened. These findings could potentially be useful in producing the next generation of vaccines against Marek’s disease, since vaccines often contain weakened, or attenuated, viruses. Read more »


Animals in the news

By Lauren Williams/ ASAS Communications

Dogs beat the heat, and compete in American Herding Breed Association trials.

Border collies, Welsh corgi and other herding dogs competed in the sheep herding trials hosted by the American Herding Breed Association. The dogs were judged on their ability to move the sheep in a straight line and not stress the animals. The handler and dog had to work together to move the sheep. At the end of a trial, the dogs were rewarded with a refreshing soak in a kiddie pool. Read the full article. Read more »