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January 18, 2013

Animals in the news

by Taking Stock Contributor

Scientists discover cancer-causing virus in raccoons

Veterinarians in Northern California have tracked down the cause of a rare type of raccoon brain tumor. They believe a virus called raccoon polymavirus led to tumor formation in at least ten dead raccoons. The virus is not expected to spread to other animals or humans. Read the full article

Cargill closes Texas beef plant

Cargill announced Thursday that it will “idle” a Plainview, TX beef processing plant. The company cited the severe U.S. drought and low cattle supply as a reason for the closure. The plant had employed 2,000 people and processed 4,500 cattle a day. Read the full article

Salmonella infections fell after poultry vaccinations

According to a report from the University of Liverpool, mass poultry vaccination programs have led to a dramatic decrease in Salmonella-related illnesses in the European Union. Though poultry producers in the EU are no longer required to vaccinate their flocks, many still do, and the number of Salmonella infections in humans has remained low. Read the full article

Researchers study prevalence of horse virus

Researchers at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine are looking into the prevalence of equine rhinitis virus at racetracks, training facilities and university herds. The researchers analyzed blood samples from 176 horses and found antibodies to the virus in 94 percent of samples. They suggest that owners watch horses for symptoms when horses mingle at racetracks or barns. Read the full article

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